“With an emphasis in the beverage industry, Golden Creative is very experienced, and possesses a high level of technical expertise in production matters. GC has done a great job for us on multiple brands resulting in design awards and critical acclaim, and I highly recommend them to any company, big or small!

– Amir Peay, Owner / 1776 Brand / James E. Pepper

A Premier Beverage and Food Packaging Design Company

Golden Creative is a boutique beverage packaging design and food packaging design company who’s founder has 20+ years of experience developing successful brands, impactful packaging, and a vast array of food and beverage packaging and point of sale design. Through hands on collaboration and teamwork with our clients, we develop professional, creative brands that produce effective results in the retail environment.

With our many years of dedication and experience in the branding design and packaging industry, we have orchestrated an artful yet technical approach to product marketing and package design. Our knowledge allows us to successfully evaluate packaging possibilities, paper selections and printing techniques while we contemplate the creative approach to each solution. Each brand is studied in advance to comprehend the target market it is reaching, the existing brands it is up against, and the unique characteristics that sets it apart from the competition.

Within the food and beverage industries there are many unique factors that help us determine the approach we will take when we begin the branding design process. Wine label design will require not only an understanding of the varietals and appellations, but a successful design will also consider the placement of mandatory government regulations. We use the same design criteria for food packaging design, our experience enables us to be creative while designing in collaboration with the required FDA Regulations. The advantage to working with a boutique branding design agency like Golden Creative, is the ability to leverage our experience while allowing your team to focus on the business of building a successful brand.

Beverage Packaging and Food Packaging Design for Companies of All Sizes

Over the years we have helped companies of all sizes with their branding design and developing successful brands, our loyal following of industry leaders has allowed us to experience all shapes and sizes of food and beverage packaging and marketing. When it comes to food and beverage packaging one thing is certain, the trend is constantly changing. It is important to work with a company like Golden Creative to be sure you stay informed while creating, developing, refining and executing your next brand.

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