About Golden Creative


about-golden-creative-bodyGolden Creative is a small, highly-skilled, and approachable design company. Our client relationships go back many years and we are committed to these relationships. To be one of the top packaging design companies it takes a lot of talent and education combined with a desire to pick up the phone every time a customer calls. Being available to listen and understand our customers’ current and future goals are what allow us to shine among the top food and beverage packaging design firms.

Before we begin any project, we immerse ourselves in understanding the value that defines each individual product in the marketplace. Once we fully understand our client’s vision and recognize and appreciate its value, we work collectively with our client, designing and producing a creative and highly visible solution they can successfully present to their target market.

If we’re working with a client whose product already has a brand name in place, we leverage the name and use innovative and creative solutions to further highlight the product’s strengths and values. For unnamed products, Golden Creative will work with our client to create a product brand name that embodies both strategy and meaning.

We approach each project with thoughtful consideration. When we’re faced with a new creative challenge, we accept the challenge and work tirelessly until successful completion. Whether we’re working on brand identity, packaging for consumer goods, point-of-purchase displays, private label products, or online solutions for brand awareness, we use the same perfected creative design skills to get the job done right. It’s our goal to transform your ideas into an influential and successful brand.


“I came to Golden Creative with a vision, they listened and then took my concept to the next level. Next time I’m in SACTOWN we’re gonna TEA IT UP with Golden Creative!

– Grip It & Sip It!” – John Daly, Winner of 5 PGA Tour events