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Baker’s Floor & Surface

Several years ago Chris Baker approached us to help him with naming his flooring business, this also included an SEO campaign, advertising, marketing and copywriting services for his steadily growing business.

We have been helping Baker’s grow and supporting their success with continued branding efforts through our print, web, and technical expertise.

Once we established the new name for the business, we sat down with the owner and established the list of keyword phrases to build our SEO campaign around.

With all SEO projects, we rely on the business owners and key stakeholders to supply us with what they feel potential – and existing – customers will type in to a search engine when looking for their products and services. (Much of this is discussed to some degree through the initial business name research.) From there we use our proven systems and software to research, evaluate, and recommend the keywords and phrases that will result in the best search engine results.

golden creative client bakers floor surface body 2
golden creative client bakers floor surface body 3

Developing the branding and logo design for Baker’s was a process of tying together the floor and surface services. We also wanted a mark that could stand alone to represent “Baker’s”.

As the business has grown we’ve developed a short-run, printed brochure program that highlights specific services and products within their industry. This allows Baker’s sales force to laser focus on targeted services or exciting new products.

golden-creative client bakers floor surface body 4

In order to capture the quality and expertise of these craftsmen, we executed 2 unique photoshoots on location in San Francisco.

The recently released, new and improved WordPress website is not only visually stunning, but it sits on top of an aggressive SEO campaign that has helped capture both contractor and building management traffic.

Our monthly blog writing and social media posts highlighting specific projects have also helped to build the buzz around Baker’s thought the San Francisco Bay Area. We continue to evaluate and improve not only our SEO, but our overall marketing strategy to help Baker’s continue to grow.