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Brand Guidelines

We want our corporate colors to be consistent and true regardless of the printing process or type of paper used, coated or uncoated. Brand Guidelines provide Pantone Matching System equivalents, RGB color codes for web, ink formulas for printing on uncoated stock, as well as process formulas. These guidelines ensure that colors match as close as possible – all the time, every time.

Brand Guidelines Experience

A Graphic Standards exploration and documentation is very helpful not only for managing color across various mediums, but also for establishing the “free space” your brand should be given when used in advertising. There will be scenarios when you brand is provided to an outside vendor and they will place it within their own advertising collateral. If you can provide a brand guidelines sheet along with your logo files it will help explain that your logo should not be placed over non-contrasting colors and patterns or right up against other design elements.

brand guidelines body

Brand Guidelines will also set expectations for your brand, both internally to your employees and also externally to vendors, partners and consumers. The components of the brand guidelines will become your resource for everyone who is going to represent your brand. A clean, consistent, well-planned identity builds strength around a brand. The more consistent and cohesive your brand is, the more perceived value you will build for your brand. Consistency with the consumer will make your business or product look professional, it will also increase your brand influence with your target audience.

Using the Brand Guidelines as a resource will help share a set of rules that will build a unified identity across multiple advertising and marketing opportunities. These branding guidelines are designed to help you maintain the integrity of your brand. Your brand integrity can be easily compromised, so look at the brand guidelines as the owner’s manual on how to use your brand. If everyone who touches your brand, internally and externally, has the manual, your brand essence and your brand integrity will be maintained.

It is important that we define enough rules to keep your brand consistent, but we also want to make the guide easy enough to use that your partners and employees can put the plan into action every time the brand is used.

Brand Guidelines Services

  • Stationery Systems
  • Graphic Standards
  • Color Specifications
  • Pantone Color Choices
  • Process Color Options
  • RGB Color Codes
  • Brand Spec Sheet