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Logo Design

Golden Creative has designed award-winning logos for many brands. Take a look at our logo work and you will see the incredible thought and creativity that goes into every mark. We are not swayed by trends or constrained by styles, everything is unique and designed to create a solution for the customer. Sometimes we like to design outside the box and use freehand drawing techniques to capture the personality of a product, or we may choose to use typography and customize a logotype. Logo projects have always been a favorite of ours, it is the cornerstone of branding and can endure the test of time when done right.

Logo Design Experience

The logo we design for each customer comes with a set of unique requirements. We provide logo design services for clients who understand that this iconic representation of their company, product or brand will be used on just about everything that is customer facing. In other words, this visual identity will often be the first impression that a potential customer sees when experiencing your brand. Do you want that first impression to be the last? Of course not, that is why we have been providing world class logo design services to companies around the globe, because we are very good at what we do.

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Ultimately, our goal is to produce a logo or logotype that the customer is proud of. This mark must also represent the business or product and provide a creative foundation for the brand story. Every brand has a story and having a logo designed that sets the tone for the brand strategy is critical. A successful logo design will connect with your customers and create a pleasant, memorable experience. This memorable experience is a big part of why we design the logo to look a certain way. Your target consumers must be able to immediately understand the logo concept and be able to easily recall that logo when thinking of you product or industry. That top of mind awareness and positive association are what helps build the natural processes of word-of-mouth and referral marketing.

Those who choose to simply go online and use a crowd-sourced service or, worse yet, create your own logo service; will eventually realize that having a professionally designed logo would have been the better choice. Designing the logo is usually one of the first steps in the beginning of any business or product, and choosing to have this representation created by an inexperienced designer or clip art service is not a good business decision. We understand that money is also a concern at the beginning of any start-up, we do our best to create the best possible solution for any budget. If you’re considering a logo design please do not hesitate to call and talk to us before you make any decisions!

Logo Design Services

  • Unique Logo Design
  • Illustrative Design
  • Custom Typography
  • Logo Files Provided in Various Formats
  • Master File Owned by the Client
  • Color Studies
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Business Systems