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Clickview understands the power of branding and has utilized many of our services to engage their target audience. Each year we assist in the layout, design, and print production of their RSNA tradeshow booth and marketing program.

Their Clickview 7i product has been embraced by hospitals throughout the country. Our combined web and print efforts continue to help them educate and inform their existing customers as well as prospective new customers.

The Clickview 7i web database continues to evolve with new Speech Recognition, DXA Bone Density Reporting and other custom reports and innovative improvements.

With all of these new features and product improvements it has been essential for us to continually touch their core audience and educate them on how Clickview 7i has reimagined radiology reporting. Each year the web site is restructured, upgraded with new products, and relaunched to keep their information fresh and relevant.

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Each year we purchase mailing lists of tradeshow attendees and deploy strategic email campaigns that reveal new technology being integrated into the already robust Clickview 7i Web Database.

We support the email campaigns with a mailing of printed brochures that are emblazoned with their signature Pantone red, making their marketing collateral stand out when received. Each year tradeshow attendees arrive at the booth with the brochures in hand, wanted to learn more about a product or feature they saw in an email blast or the brochure.

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We also produce several tradeshow booths for Clickview’s various tradeshow appearances throughout the year. 

Some of the tradeshows require smaller 10′ booth which are designed for targeted, industry niche gatherings. The other annual tradeshow booth is a large 20′ x 40′ space we design for the RSNA industry show.

Whether it’s a website redesign, medical illustrations for product displays, printed brochures, or tradeshow booth design – we provided each service with the same quality and execution we deliver to each and every customer.

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