Craft Beer Label Design

A thirst for something different.

Did you know that one out of every five beers sold in 2015 was a craft beer? This equates to $22.3 billion in sales! The craft beer industry is steadily expanding and we couldn’t be more excited! As craft beer aficionados, Golden Creative is intimately familiar with the latest craft beer labels, designs, flavors, trends, and marketing techniques. Whether we’re exploring a new seasonal offering, flavor mashup, promising local start up, or the first taste of a new small batch, we love craft beer and being a part of this growing industry.

While it’s thrilling to ride the craft beer growth wave, it does present some potential issues with new and emerging craft beer companies. Just staying on top of the latest trends, new products, and even bottle and can designs is daunting. That’s why it’s important to tell your story through your high-quality product, label design, unique words, and intentional marketing.

Marketing your craft beer is similar to marketing a small business. It’s about attracting people to your label, convincing them your product is worth trying, winning them over with the quality and flavor of your product, and getting them back to buy again as soon as possible.

craft-beer-label-design-bodySo what really goes into a craft beer label design?

We like to call it “Label Attraction.” It’s a potential customer’s first impression that often wins them over. While craft beer labels come in all shapes and sizes, the real question is: Who are you trying to impress? Maybe you’re attempting to evoke emotion from the nostalgic audience? Or, you’re hoping to attract a more contemporary group with an industrial-looking label? Whether you’re trying to appeal to an outdoorsy-type, grunge group, or the exclusive luxury/premium audience, it’s the visual aesthetics and positioning of your label that will ultimately draw them in for their first taste.

Custom Craft Beer Packaging Options

Are you just starting out and eager to get your product off the ground? Maybe your craft beer label just needs a facelift? Are you excited about marketing online through a custom website, search engine optimization, or eCommerce? Whatever your craft beer packaging and marketing needs are, Golden Creative can deliver.

We offer the following design and marketing solution depending on your needs and requirements. If you don’t see exactly what you need below, feel free to give us a call to discuss. We aim to provide custom solutions for you.

Story: What’s your unique story? How did you decide to break into the craft beer industry? We love hearing how our clients got to where they are. Our marketing and design experts will listen to your story and ideas and use that information to strategically craft your brand.

Branding: You want to stand out against your competition. We help you do just that! It’s your story in words and designs that will sell your product. We work with you create a one-of-a-kind look that speaks for itself.

Packaging: Packaging, labeling, and marketing your product is our specialty. We create innovative packaging and labeling solutions for our craft beer clients. Ultimately, it’s “label attraction” that will draw your audience to your product. It’s your product that will keep them coming back!

Printing: Golden Creative has strong relationships with some of the best printers in the industry. We believe high quality printing is critical to the success of your craft beer design and only work with printers who share the same values.

Marketing: Whether we’re marketing on your website, through your eCommerce page, search engine optimization, a physical storefront, sponsorships, or strategic product placement, we understand the craft beer industry and know where your product will shine. We supply everything you need to successfully market your craft beer online and in-person.

Are you ready to become a craft beer leader? Don’t miss out on taking part of that $22+ billion in sales! Tell us your story and we’ll take care of the rest. From packaging, printing, and marketing, we’ll take your craft beer to the next level…guaranteed!