Gruven Imported Vodka

Handcrafted the same today as it was generations ago – crafted in traditional pot stills.

Collaborating with the distillery and print house in Poland provided a unique challenge to produce the best possible package design for Gruven Vodka. This unique product required a shelf presence that would convey the quality and craft that goes into a small batch vodka.

Quadruple distillation and a multi-step filtration process create the highest level of smoothness and incredible taste. Great on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.

Our design objective was to develop a handcrafted spirits package that would stand out and compete within the most populated retail spirits category. We also had the challenge of doing a grain and potato expression in 750ml, 1.0L, and 1.75L sizes. Each needed to be unique but work together as a family.

The design process was intense as we worked through vintage scroll work designs and created illustrations that looked hand drawn yet respectable. We worked with the printer in Poland to determine what they could achieve on the printing press and set out to embellish the labels with spot gloss, gold foil, and custom PMS colors.

The capsule of these 2 spirits packages are highly visible and really finish off each package. Being able to print special inks and precious gold on capsules was a game changer!

We wanted the finish of the paper to be uncoated and slightly textured but we could not find the right paper color to match our vision. Ultimately we chose to print the background using a special ink. The final color was a success, 60% of a Pantone Pastel and we had our unique signature look! 

We also developed a custom die line to give the overall package design one more unique feature. The design began as a 2 part label but we had some limitations with the Polish distillery. The final design incorporated a gold foil border and a solid special ink fill to create the separation we needed.

This recipe was carefully handcrafted in traditional pot stills. The finest wheat and rye grains [or Polish potatoes] and crystal clear spring water are used to bring you this clean crisp vodka.

Take the Gruven Challenge: We challenge you to taste and compare these handcrafted, extremely smooth, 5 times distilled imported vodkas against your favorites!

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