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Home Mixologist Cocktail Kits

Pacific Edge Wine and Spirits came up with a concept to create a packaging design that would offer consumers everything they needed to mix high-quality classic cocktails at home. This product allowed the consumer to make top shelf, craft cocktails at home with the same quality and taste that their favorite restaurant or bar would offer.

It was important to choose a strong name that would connect with consumers for this unique concept because it would be used for several campaigns and product line extensions through the next couple of years.

When they approached our beverage packaging design company with their home cocktail kit idea, they didn’t have a name for the product. We proposed Home Mixologist® because the name made consumers feel like they could take this product home and mix their favorite cocktails like a professional bartender.

golden creative client home mixologist body 1
golden creative client home mixologist body 2
golden creative client home mixologist body 3

Once the product name was approved, we created a versatile beverage packaging design that could be modified for each classic drink kit.

While each kit looked unique on the shelf, together they looked like a family and an extension of the brand. This was very important because multiple cocktail kits could be faced on the same shelf in a retail environment.

We worked with a structural engineer at Saxco to create a beverage packaging design that would hold the four or five various shaped bottles included in each cocktail kit. The solution was to use the same structural inserts for each drink kit so Pacific Edge could purchase large quantities of boxes and leverage them for several cocktail kits. 

golden creative client home mixologist body 4

To get a homespun look, we embellished the box design with vintage organic patterns screened in black ink. For the outer beverage packaging design, we kept the same box design and used a wrap design that allowed us to create unique, die cut sleeves for each cocktail kit.

When the pandemic hit, bars and restaurants were forced to shut down which created an opportunity to expand the Home Mixologist product. There was a sudden surge of home mixologists hoping to duplicate their favorite drinks from home. Pacific Edge ramped up their marketing and we expanded the Home Mixologist beverage packaging design concept to create signage and point of sale displays for their retail customers like Total Wine and BevMo. Pacific Edge presented Costco with the Home Mixologist Cocktail Kit product, they were very interested in featuring it in their Northern California stores.

With 24 classic cocktails in every box and only $2-3 per cocktail, cost was a major selling point and Costco took on the Negroni Kit and the Old Fashioned. There is also a Manhattan Cocktail Kit in the works which will be released at Costco in the Summer/Fall of 2021. This savings, combined with top shelf spirits from Pacific Edge, created a cost-effective solution for anyone who wanted to bring their favorite cocktail bar home.