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Pacific Edge Sales & Marketing

Over the years this importer & distributor of artisanal spirits has grown and expanded, creating successful sales growth by promoting personal contact, product knowledge and personal service.

We have helped them along the way – from the very beginning – by developing websites & web tools, dynamic packaging design, scalable catalog systems to showcase their growing portfolio, and other marketing campaigns to assist their sales force.

The Pacific Edge catalog print program has become a signature for their sales force, with over 250 pages per book for California, Nevada, and Arizona. We have now extended access to each product through an informative website with tools to immediately locate information by Spirit Type or Brand Name.

The Pacific Edge Marketing Group’s strategic objective is to move away from the traditional importer’s role of reactionary marketing to an innovative, proactive brand building role. Future growth depends on creating these opportunities and Pacific Edge’s sales strategies combined with new and improved marketing tools will allow us to help Pacific Edge pave the way to future success.

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Pacific Edge has many company owned brands, most of which are exclusive, aged, and hard to find spirits. We are lucky to be in a position to design the branding and packaging for these unique spirits.

Pacific Edge will often create a house brand when they have an opportunity to acquire a spirit that is highly sought after. When we get the call to design a 12 year old Canadian Whisky brand or a 25 year old Rum from Colombia, we jump at the opportunity. Being able to create a brand and craft distiller packaging design that will become a staple of their growing spirits portfolio is a great honor, and we strive to make that packaging memorable.

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The primary objective of Pacific Edge Wine & Spirits USA is to specialize and be innovative, not to mirror other Importers throughout the United States.

The overall strategy at Pacific Edge is to bring new, fresh, and exciting brands that add value to beverage alcohol programs. Importing the highest quality products from around the world and expending their portfolio of handcrafted spirit manufacturers has enabled Pacific Edge to offer the consumer high quality products at a true price value. We will continue to support Pacific Edge with packaging and branding design as they open new states for distribution across the country.