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Packaging Design

Packaging design is a critical step in the development of consumer products. The package is an advertisement for your product and the competition for attention is fierce. The package design performs several functions and must connect with your audience on an emotional and strategic level. First, it must grab the consumer’s attention on the shelf, behind the bar, or wherever this product is displayed. The packaging design must then immediately tell the consumer that this is the product they have been looking for. The message must be clear, the graphics engaging, and the benefits quickly understood.

Packaging Design Experience

For many years we have been working with start-ups, mid sized companies, and well established brokers and distributors. Our founder, Al Golden, has many long standing and on-going relationships with several clients that go back as many as 25 years. The package design is only the first step in the process of developing an engaging and successful retail product.

Our packaging design experience crosses over many industries, we have a deep history of developing brands, products and packaging for food, cannabis, spirits & wine, health & beauty, and more. 

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Our involvement with the customer can happen at any time throughout the conceptualization and execution of the brand or product’s life cycle. Many times we are consulted at the concept phase to help envision the brand development from the start, which keeps us in sync with the emotion of the product and engaged with the audience that we are targeting. Other times we are consulted to help revitalize a struggling product or redesign an outdated package.

Specializing in package design has allowed our team to expand into other markets which required the same methodical approach to design and product development. Once the cannabis packaging design market became legalized in California we received many calls as new brands entered the market seeking our highly effective packaging design services.

We cannot stress enough the importance of working with an experienced beverage packaging design firm like Golden Creative when you are considering the best path for the success of your retail package. Retail shelves are becoming more and more competitive as brand owners recognize the power of great design, flawless execution, and impactful messaging. We can help your craft distiller packaging design stand out and connect with potential consumers though creative experience and effective communication.

Our work speaks for itself and hopefully you will agree. Please take a minute to review our packaging design samples. We also provide food packaging design and packaging and branding design services. We are always available to review your next project and provide some general consultation to see if we are the right company to make your product sing on the shelf.

If you’re ready to talk about your next brand, product, or package concept, please give us a call today. We can help you with all of your packaging design needs.

Packaging Design Services

  • Brand Development
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Creative Package Solutions
  • Print Production
  • Custom Printing Assistance
  • Product Extensions
  • Cartons and Case Shippers
  • Marketing Collateral