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Food Packaging Design

Food packaging design is another vital part of our creative foundation. At Golden Creative, we approach consumer product packaging with a brand strategy in mind. When tasked with bringing a new product to market, our package design or food label design is not simply a pleasant decoration for a box, bag, or jar; each design element is carefully chosen to enhance the ideals, goals and vision for the brand. Great food packaging will solve a problem and position a brand to stand out from the competition.

Food Packaging Design Experience

If your food brand is a specialty, handcrafted, gourmet food product, we approach the package design with a very targeted message in mind. Each brand is evaluated, measured, and broken down to its core artistic elements. Each food market requires a unique study of the fonts used, the style of imagery and graphic elements, and the way the message is delivered on the principal panel. It’s our goal to not only appeal to the target market, but to emotionally connect and align the consumer with your brand. We weave the elements of flavor, appeal, and quality into our design ingredients, ultimately resulting in the perfect creative touch for the complete package.

Food packaging design is critical to a product’s shelf appeal and brand awareness. The product needs to stand out from the competition. It should draw attention, send a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way. As a premier food packaging design company, we will not only meet our customers’ expectations, but completely dazzle the consumer. We are keenly aware that our current and future success in the packaging design business is reliant upon our ability to be consistent and produce flawless, innovative food packaging designs every time!

Golden Creative works with many different food companies, from new brands just entering the market to national food distributors. We provide private label design, brand extensions, and complex production work to build out large food pack files for print. Many food brokers and distributors seek our services to assist in bringing new products to market that are up against a tight deadline – we always deliver on time and on budget. After all is said and done, food packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what grabs the consumer and sells your product.

Food Packaging Design Services

  • Custom Design
  • Production Work
  • Private Label Programs
  • Line Extensions
  • Food Photography
  • Package Photography
  • Unique Folds or Packs
  • Mock ups and 3D Renderings
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Label Printing