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Purcell International​

Excellent customer service and support, state-of-the-art CRM, and superior global market knowledge have allowed Purcell to excel in the importing business.

With a deep history that traces it’s beginning back to the 1950’s, the company has nurtured existing relationships in addition to creating valuable new industry partnerships.

Whether they are looking for an immediate private label design or to develop a new proprietary brand of their own, Golden Creative always comes through.

We have been able to build successful business relationships with brokers like Purcell International through our ability to always come through with branding and  packaging design, regardless of the timeline. We are proud of our ability to be responsive to the needs of great clients who show their gratitude through continued business with us, year after year.

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The trust within any relationship must be built over time, and doing everything you can to meet your client’s needs will eventually win their long term commitment to you.

Although we are very proud of our ability to help a customer conceive, create, print, and launch a new brand, we are equally as proud of our unparalleled success at creating brand extensions and working files with a bare minimum of assets. Having an extensive knowledge base in print production has allowed us to flourish in the competitive and time-sensitive food business (among others).

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Our knowledge base of food packaging guidelines established by the FDA allows us to work efficiently and effectively for our customers.

We have many clients that come to us just for our file production experience and others that rely on us for brand development. Being able to offer a variety of industry specific skillsets is what sets us apart from other design firms and freelance designers.