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Sierra Norte Mexican Whiskey

This whiskey brand is very unique, it is made from ancestral Non GMO heirloom corn grown and farmed by traditional farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico. There are currently 4 Single Barrel expressions available; yellow, white, black, and purple. Each is made from  a different strain of their respective color.

The Sierra Norte Mountains in Oaxaca provide the backdrop for this treasured whiskey. We captured the essence of the Sierra Norte mountain range on the beverage packaging design and applied color to identify each strain. The gold foil details emphasize the quality of these hand crafted whiskies.

Master Distiller Douglas French, the founder of Scorpion Tequila, wanted to utilize his distillation equipment which led to the creation of the Sierra Norte Whiskey Brand.

Doug French approached us about the project 2 years ago and shortly after the new branding and package started hitting the retail market in the Fall of 2018. The new packaging has been met with great enthusiasm, competing on the shelf with a variety of imported, national whiskey brands. To complement the packaging we combed through many pages of notes and documented history regarding the conception and execution of the first single barrel batches. These notes were used to build the story of Sierra Norte Whiskey and helped us develop an informative web site and an intriguing social media campaign.

golden creative client sierra norte body 2
golden creative client sierra norte body 3

The brand has experienced steady growth through dedicated, strategic sales efforts, a steady flow of positive industry reviews, and continued social marketing.

When we developed the website for Sierra Norte Whiskey, we made sure to incorporate a “Where to find” feature which allows us to upload a database of all of the United States retailers carrying the brand. By doing this we have enabled potential customers to locate retailers offering Sierra Norte Whiskey within their immediate geographic area.

golden creative client sierra norte body 4

Locally grown and harvested heirloom corn has created many indirect jobs as well for the community surrounding Oaxaca, MX.

Golden Creative managed the printing of the labels here in California and shipped them to the distillery in Mexico. We also printed neck hangers which displayed the tasting notes for each expression.

The whiskies have received very favorable reviews from industry leaders like Whiskey Advocate, Drinkhacker, and Chilled. In fact, the yellow corn expression was rated 90 by Whiskey Advocate! We have made good use of the critical acclaim in all of the additional marketing collateral, from bannerstands to sales sheets, and more.