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Visconti’s Ristorante

Visconti’s Ristorante is a family-owned authentic Italian restaurant that has been in Folsom, CA since 1992.

We worked with the Visconti family to photograph their authentic & fresh Italian food and provided them with hundreds of appetizing images. We then used the photography to create a new website highlighting their rich history, warm family atmosphere, and fantastic food.

Visconti’s already has a strong local following and are highly regarded as one of the best authentic Italian restaurants in the greater Sacramento area.

Our job was to bring their restaurant to life on their web site and attract new customers. The rich history, family friendly environment, and world-class Italian food were what we focused on. We wanted to tell the world that the Visconti family welcomes you as they would a member of their own family. One of the ways we accomplished this was through photography that captured the generations at work, doing what they love!

golden creative client viscontis ristorante body 2
golden creative client viscontis ristorante body 3

Using recipes from past generations in Southern Italy, Visconti’s creates colorful and delicious Italian dishes made from only the freshest ingredients.

Our main objective was to capture these dishes as they were coming right out of the kitchen. What could be more authentic than capturing a dish as it is about to be delivered, piping hot! The result was a mouth-watering photoshoot that spanned 2 days and resulted in a library of culinary awesomeness.

golden creative client viscontis ristorante body 4

When a visitor arrives at the Visconti’s website, they are greeted with an eyeful of authentic Italian cuisine and a warm, family atmosphere.

The objective was to celebrate the restaurants deep roots in the community and to ensure each visitor would see the magnificent dishes and be inspired to make a reservation. The restaurant has received continuous compliments on their new web site and business is booming. Their new library of delicious and historic imagery is keeping their self-managed social media campaign fresh and appetizing.