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Website Design

Our design team has spent several years honing our website design skills so that we are able to be creative while also observing our technical processes. We design websites that utilize WordPress framework while creating a unique user interface experience for each customer.

Website Design Experience

Our website design experience allows us to anticipate problems with a design feature prior to having our production team convert it into code. We design our WordPress websites from scratch using Photoshop and our carefully structured processes.

The advantage to using Photoshop enables us to share what the website will look like prior to converting it to a live site. Changes made in Photoshop are much more cost effective than making changes to code which allows us to pass this savings on to our customers.

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WordPress web sites have excellent Content Management Systems (CMS) and we provide all of our customers with administration level access. In our experience, WordPress blogs are also very powerful to use as a marketing tool in addition to providing support to an an SEO campaign. With each website we design, we also offer our customer’s the option to have an hour or two of training built into their contract. Most customers appreciate the ability to be able to log into the WordPress backend and make changes to basic content and images.

At the core of the WordPress architecture is the dashboard that has a simple user interface. Our customers do not need to have HTML or CSS coding experience in order to take advantage of updating and adding content to their new website. In fact, most users can access and make edits without any WordPress training.

We also test all of our website designs on various devices as part of our design-build process. Our team will test each site to ensure that every detail of our responsive WordPress website displays accurately on desktop computers, laptops, iPads, and all mobile devices prior to going live. Knowing that you have a team to support your website launch is a great asset, it is comforting for our customers to know that we are just an email, text, or phone call away when their website needs attention.

Website Design Services

  • Custom Web Site Design
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Website Maintenance Programs
  • Stock Photography Services
  • WordPress Training
  • Website Migration
  • Backup & Restore
  • Technical Support